When you walk into my salon it will make you feel like you belong to a little community. I have always believed in treating people the way that I would want to be treated. We don’t do catwalk or photo shoot hair we do everyday wear hair, so when you leave you can recreate your style at home without pulling your hair out. We do fun and lots of fun….

From hair cuts for the young or old and anywhere in-between, to colouring whether you want an all over colour or to cover up your wisdom streaks to full head of foils or just a few highlights to look like you’ve been sun kissed. If your little more adventuris and daring we can do fancy crazy fashion colours. The options are limitless. And I love doing all of it! Not a big fan of perming but if someone wants curls who am I to deny them of that. Love doing a good upstlye whether its your wedding, formal or just a special occasion I’ve got you covered. I will help you pick a style that will suit you and your outfit. As I’m a firm believer in everything matching, especially when upstlyes are involved.

With me you get what you see, sometimes ill come into work looking all dolled up to the hills with my hair done fancy and other days ill come into work looking like I can’t tame my mop. If your needing a change give a call. Let us be creative and you get curious.

So make an appointment today — Phone Meagan on 0407 256 522